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Art TalkDiary

I’m Using Automatism To Guide Me

I fell in love with Surrealism the first time I saw a Dali Painting on a T-shirt while walking down the street in Kensington in 1994. I was 16. As soon as I saw the shirt, I knew I had to purchase it. I based all of my art studies on comic books and fantasy art until that time, so it makes sense that I would be attracted to what…
May 11, 2022
Art TalkDiary

Intimate Bonds, Real or Fantasy?

The dysfunctional family is a hard truth for many of us. So we make new families with friends we can rely on. If we are lucky. With so many people feeling isolated, it’s hard for us to imagine relationships that go beyond courtesy. People are getting cagier, and less willing to share their experiences because trust is low for so many of us. Isolation is becoming an epidemic. The Sister's…
April 27, 2022