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Anybody Can and Should Collect Art

By May 4, 2022No Comments
Herb and Dorothy Vogel

Herb and Dorothy Vogel were married in 1962, one year after they met.

They were both art collectors and collected over 4000 pieces of art during their lifetime. They liked to collect art from young artists doing things that they had never seen before.

I found it interesting how they viewed other collectors as competitors to what they wanted. I have a few collectors of my pieces that act the same way.

I also was impressed by how they collected artworks they didn’t understand, and they just grabbed the art that was exciting and interesting to them.

If you’ve ever thought about collecting original artwork from the artists but are nervous about the strange, weird or hard-to-understand gallery world, I highly recommend watching this documentary.

It will inspire you to work with what you have, collect what you love and meet some wonderful artists.

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