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Intimate Bonds, Real or Fantasy?

By April 27, 2022No Comments
Sisters 3 | Acrylic Painting | 24in by 36in | Acrylic, Rope and Shoelaces on Canvas

The dysfunctional family is a hard truth for many of us.

So we make new families with friends we can rely on.

If we are lucky.

With so many people feeling isolated, it’s hard for us to imagine relationships that go beyond courtesy. People are getting cagier, and less willing to share their experiences because trust is low for so many of us.

Isolation is becoming an epidemic.

The Sister’s series of works comes out of my own observation of that secret circle. The imagining of a friendship so strong that the bond can’t be broken. 

Until those in that bond are slighted, and our identity comes under question, does it mean it was all a fantasy?

The world is based on our perception of it. Are our intimate bonds just a perception too?

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