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You have one job – right now – so do it.

When the client has called, and the negotiation is over, you have one job! It’s not an easy one either.

Your job is to take all the skills that you have garnered until right now, all the processes you have put into place up until this moment, all the lessons of your past failures and successes, and then make the best illustration you can.

It’s that simple.

Don’t consider whether this job will lead to another one. Don’t worry about how you can turn it into a promo piece. Don’t worry about making the award winning design that will turn thousands of people into raving fans.

Instead look at the requirements of the job and blow your clients mind! Make this piece of work so amazing that they can’t help but call you again for the next project.

Show this client that you are a true professional and that all your negotiations with them were based on value, not fear.

Don’t worry if they aren’t going to pay – they will. They will because the piece you are about to do is going to be so God Damned special they need to pay you for it. Because when you present the illustration, they are going to fall out of their chair from pure stunned amazement and a true sense of pride. Pride because they realized they got the right person when they called you for the job.

If you can’t commit to this moment, and bring your mind into focus on your next stroke, get up, walk away, come back in 15 minutes and try again.

Because if you don’t approach your work this way, you’re doing a disservice to your client, the illustration trade, and yourself. Remember that there might not be a tomorrow. Anything could happen, your priorities may shift, a family member might get sick, there might be flood, or you may just get hit buy a bus.

So act like you want to be here, doing this one job, right now, and do it.


About Michael

Michael Grills Illustration is located in Calgary Alberta Canada. The business was established in 2005 and since then I have been collaborating with design agencies, editorial, publishers, video directors, and game makers from all over the world. As well as doing art for illustration fans.