Make a profound connection with your customers – with thoughtful, deliberate, gorgeous illustration and design.

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Make a profound connection with your customers – through thoughtful, deliberate, gorgeous illustration and design.

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Recent Corporate Examples

Google Team Poster

Portraits of Google Staff

Empire Avenue Lounge Lizards SXSW Poster

Empire Avenue Marketing Materials and Icons

Rodeo T-Shirt Color Seperation Close Up

Enmax 2016 Linesman Rodeo T-shirts

City of Calgary Transit Cup

City of Calgary Transit Corporate Illustrations

It’s your business and your stories so when you put them out there, on your website or in print, make sure you include some illustration and you’ll always look like a genius.

When making brochures, and newsletters guarantee that your readers go past the headline, beyond the first sentence – all the way to the end.

Be recognized as an authority every time you put words online or in print. Because high quality deliberate art will always add weight to everything you say.

Your audience will totally get you because thoughtful illustration helps clarify your message.

Recent Editorial Examples

Trail Versus Road Illustration

Trail Versus Road Illustration

Crossing The Line Canadian Running Magazine

Crossing The Line for Canadian Running Magazine

There’s a reason top brands use illustration to enhance their message. It gets people coming back over and over again.

These brands don’t use clip art because they understand that to be unique and stand out they have to get original, informative and exciting illustration that truly makes them stand out from the competition.

They know how hard it is to keep their audience’s attention. So they keep coming up with original ways to compel customers to come back and buy in. Just look at how Google changes the search page illustrations and animations to keep up with the important issues of the day.

If you’re thinking that you can’t afford a good illustration, or that it’s beyond your budget allow me to correct that assumption right now.

You see, I’ve got a range of illustration styles that will fit any budget. Together we can come up with something trendy and simple that you can use on your blog posts, in your newsletter, or as part of your internal messaging.

Recent Entertainment and Concept Art

Wits and Warfare Sell Screen

Wits and Warfare Character Concepts

Casey and Sphinx Character Concept Art Death

9 Lives – Casey and Sphinx Concept Art

Gamer Rank Robot and Dragon

Gamer Rank – Robots, Ninjas and Dragons

Star Wars Support Our Troops

Star Wars Support our Troops

It’s really a no brainer and if you think your message is worth reading – then amplify it.

Let me know what your looking for – A simple flat illustration. Something painted. Or a character, that can become your company’s mascot. Maybe you’ve got a big animation planned and you need somebody to take on the whole project. All it takes is a phone call, an email or use my contact form to get in touch.

"Understood the project we were asking for and nailed the execution. Extremely professional, quick turnaround; a pleasure to work with."

Stacy Shearer, LDBP Tech - People Development, Google.

“Michael was fantastic to work with. He really took the time to understand what the story was about and how best to visualize the concept. Throughout the process he was very hands on with us; it was very much a team project. The final illustration was stunning and is a showpiece within the magazine. All-in-all, Michael is a pleasure to work with and we look forward to working together again very soon."

Amy Sawchencko, Editor, apple Magazine

“Michael always delivers on time and exactly as promised. I'm pretty new to the development process, so many of the description of the required illustrations were vague, but Michael came up with some great designs that fleshed out the ideas. He’s very talented and professional and I highly recommend his services."

Vic Davis, CEO, Cryptic Comet Inc.

“Working with Michael was a pleasure, and I would not hesitate to commission him again when the right project presents itself. Michael has a keen insight into character development, a fantastic ability to completely understand any design issue at hand and a keen sense of timelines which is paramount to my clientele. Michael’s performance impressed both myself, and my clients.”

Joshua Aldrich, Owner, Creative Director at iDreamDigital Media

“Michael not only cranked out artwork that was FAR more amazing than what I had originally pictured in my head, but beyond that, he made the process easy and friendly. We have all dealt with difficult creative guys in this business, so having someone like Michael Grills who is able to separate his ego from the process and give you exactly what you need…. that’s priceless.”

Russell Spurlock

“I contracted Michael to do some early stage concept art for a project my company, Verse Studios, is working on. His efforts were fantastic, the work was exactly what we needed, and his rates were fair and manageable. He was helpful in every way, and we brought him back to do a second batch of contract work, and are hoping to use him again in the near future. Michael is a great artist and a fantastic independent contractor, highly recommended.”

Marcus Riedner, Creative Director Verse Studios.

“Working with Michael was a very refreshing experience, he possesses the ability to create illustrations that literally took our breath away.”

Arthur Humphrey, President and Lead Designer, Last Day of Work.